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About the Artist : Layla.V.P

I am Layla V.P., an artist who is always seeking new ways to express my creativity. I have a diverse range of skills, including clay modeling, jewelry making, painting, and mold making.

I am inspired by the weird, the unique, and the unusual, and I love to see how people react to my creations. Whether they smile and laugh or frown and lean in closer, I want my art to stick in people's minds for not just its appearance but also for the messages and meanings it conveys, whether intended or not.


The most rewarding part of being an artist is the joy it brings, both in the process of creation and in the experience of others. My blob fish sculpture, "Goo" was made purely for my own amusement, but it has brought a smile to everyone who has interacted with it, inspiring me to share my art with the world through my website, where you can purchase handmade artwork from my shop or take a look at the commissions' piece to get a piece of art tailored to you.


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